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About us

In the family


NORMANDISE Pet Food was founded in 1991 by vet Christian Duquesne and his wife Catherine. Having begun as a six-person Normandy small business, over the past 30 years, it has grown into a midmarket company with almost 800 staff.

With the founder’s sons, Jean-Charles and François Duquesne, now the managing directors, NORMANDISE Pet Food continues to develop with the same passion shared between generations.

Christian et Catherine Duquesne

  • 1991 Founded in Vire (Calvados, Normandy) by vet Christian Duquesne and his wife Catherine.
  • 1992 First tray of food delivered. Six staff.
  • 1994 Rapid development and installation at the Le Maupas site (3000 sqm)


  • 2001 First pouch production line.
  • 2006 Logistics hub created at La Lande site.
  • 2007 New extension and increase in pouch production capacity.
  • 2008 Business reorganised with the founders’ sons Jean-Charles and François acquiring a stake.

Jean-Charles et François Duquesne

  • 2015 New production lines opened to cater for an extra 100 million pouches.
  • 2017 Technical site expanded (extra 12,000 sqm).
  • 2018 Logistics hub extended (extra 9,000 sqm).
  • 2019 Jean-Charles and François Duquesne took over the company leadership.

Machines NORMANDISE Pet Food

  • 2020 New governance.
  • 2020 Company awarded Vitrine Industrie du Futur (Industry of the Future Showcase) label.
  • 2021 Company given French Fab and French Tech labels.
  • 2021/2022 Administration hub expanded (extra 2,000 sqm) and logistics hub extended (extra 12,000 sqm). Watch this space to see what happens next…

Our mission

Offering the best for your pet.

Our values


We are a high-tech company that cares about its staff and animals.


We work as a team helping each other and striving for shared goals.


We boldly innovate and listen to our ideas and what the market wants.

Peace of mind

We are a family business offering security a listening ear and professional opportunities.


Our teams contribute to our company’s success with their energy and commitment.

Our commitments

NORMANDISE Pet Food is a corporate citizen and a responsible company with a sustainable development program featuring three elements:

Social engagement

  • Inclusion: partnerships with local sheltered employment schemes (ESATs). 60 disabled staff have joined the workforce.
  • Gender equality: the company has introduced a code of ethics in which it commits to fairly furthering gender equality.
  • The company scored 89 out of 100 in the 2021 equal pay index assessed in line with the French decree of 9 January 2019.
  • Professional risk analysis: The company has looked at the onerousness of working conditions and undertaken professional risk analysis.
Engagement social
Engagement sociétal

Societal engagement

  • Donations to charity: 827 pallets were given to 139 animal charities in France.
  • Support/sponsorship: support for various local sports and cultural organisations.
  • Inter-company creche: NORMANDISE Pet Food supports the local inter-company creche, allocating four full-time places for children of staff.

Environmental engagement

  • Heat network: NORMANDISE Pet Food has set up a heat network covering over 1.5 miles (both ways) that uses waste heat to power the Agrigaz methanation plant. This 4,544 Mh-a-year project has been ongoing since early 2020 and reduces CO2 emissions by 1,217 tonnes a year.
Engagement environnemental

Our sites

True to its roots NORMANDISE Pet Food has located its two industrial sites in Vire, Normandy (part of the Calvados region).

Head office and production site

Address :
ZI le Maupas – Rue de l’Allière – 14500 VIRE NORMANDIE / FRANCE

  • 36,000 sqm for manufacturing, packaging and packing products.
  • This fully automated site is one of Europe’s most modern and top-performing.
Plateforme logistique NORMANDISE Pet Food

Logistics hub

Address :
Bât. La Lande – ZA de la Papillonnière – 199 Rue Guy Galopin

  • 17,000 sqm for receipt, storage, preparation and shipping 24,000-pallet capacity.
  • 25 loading bays.

Our key numbers

Barquettes et Pochons
pouch and tray manufacturer in France (no. 3 in Europe)
million pouches a year
million trays a year
million euros
icone d'un morceau de viande
tonnes of meat used a day
tonnes of finished product
generated a year
pallets shipped a week

Our jobs

In the past 30 years, NORMANDISE Pet Food has become a key economy player, which it owes to the commitment of its staff.
We work hard to create an environment where colleagues can develop their skills and flourish.
At NORMANDISE Pet Food, our people are the main reason for us standing out, our innovations and our lasting success.

Vidéo carrières métiers NORMANDISE Pet Food
Play Video about Vidéo carrières métiers NORMANDISE Pet Food

Our talents

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Vacancies (currently)

Gender equality

We are proud to have scored 89 out of 100 in the 2021 equal pay index. This assessment was carried out in line with the French decree of 9 January 2019: a legal obligation meaning we must evaluate the gender pay gap and differences in the promotion of men and women. Five criteria are given a score, with a total of 100 points available.

Gender pay gap:

39 ou of 40

Gender pay increase gap:

20 out of 20

Gender promotion rate gap:

15 out of 15

Percentage of salaries increased in the year after an employee returns from maternity leave:

15 out of 15

Number of staff of the under-represented sex among the 10 highest paid:

0 out of 10

These excellent results reflect NORMANDISE Pet Food’s commitment to gender equality.

HR policy

We believe in the important role played by men and women in the success and performance of our company. Therefore, our human resources policy contains the following four areas:


We ensure that we apply principles of objectivity, ethics and non-discrimination to our recruitment processes and that we provide a unique candidate experience.

Staff onboarding

We provide a proper onboarding pathway suited to each new member of staff.

Internal promotion

We encourage professional development by offering tailored training programmes.


We believe in providing colleagues with good working conditions to encourage them to develop and flourish as professionals.

Staff onboarding
Internal promotion
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NORMANDISE Pet Food recruits a range of staff from line operators to workshop managers in logistics, technical roles (maintenance technician, automation technician, maintenance sector manager), and in support functions (marketing, management control, sales, etc.)

Production roles are open to those beginning their career and to career changers, and provide a comprehensive onboarding and training pathway. Apprentices and interns are welcome and most go on to be offered a job or continue studying while working with us.

We strongly believe in internal mobility and professional development. Staff can climb the ranks of their department and take on new roles over time.

NORMANDISE Pet Food also wants staff to enjoy a sense of balance in their lives. With different working hours available, each colleague can adjust their timetable to suit their personal life.


New colleagues start with half a day of training that introduces the company, hygiene and food safety rules, energy and environmental rules, and safety rules. They also receive their work equipment.

They then follow a personalised three-week pathway. During this period, their team and tutors provide guidance and help them become familiar with the company, its practices and their new colleagues. Their manager also supports them as they learn to do their work by gradually adding to their tasks and sharing information.

After new colleagues have completed their onboarding pathway, they discuss with their manager how they are feeling, how the process went and how the training was. They are also told if they have passed their probationary period.

Parcours d'intégration

Our partnerships

As an economic player promoting industry in France, a local player committed to making its region known across the world, and a civic-minded player who is an ardent defender of animal rights, NORMANDISE Pet Food develops and maintains strong links with a number of partners who have the same goals and dynamics.

To promote industry

French FAB - Communauté du Coq Vert
Communauté du Coq Vert
France Relance
France Relance
La French FAB
La French FAB

To promote the region

AD Normandie
AD Normandie
Association des Savoir-Faire d'Excellence Normands
Area Normandie
Association Régionale des entreprises agroalimentaires de Région Normandie
ETI Normandie
ETI Normandie
Intercom De La Vire au Noireau
Intercom de la Vire au Noireau
Normandie attractivité
Normandie attractivité

To support animal welfare

An animal, before being well fed, must be pampered in a loving home!

Our commitment is to share this good word and to be active in animal protection & prevention.

We work in this direction by training our employees, informing dog and cat owners, and by widely spreading this good word to the general public via the media and social networks.

In addition, we support more than 100 associations, shelters, collective actions and targeted initiatives, including:

Given palettes
(in 2021)
Beneficiary associations
(in 2021)
(in 2021)
0 K€

Many animal protection associations