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About us

Dogs and cats, despite their differences, have inspired man since the beginning of civilisation. Today, they play an integral part in our society and brighten up our daily lives. For La Normandise, providing these animals with a healthy and balanced diet that benefits their health and well-being is more than an obligation, it’s a real passion!

Our brands

With its own brands, La Normandise has to some extent invented «Animal Cuisine»!  With recipes where only the Duquesne veterinary doctors know their secrets, our dear four legged friends eat a balanced diet and what’s more, they enjoy it!

Careers & jobs

Work at La Normandise

Depuis sa création, La Normandise, entreprise familiale par excellence, attache une importance particulière aux relations humaines et à la qualité des conditions de travail, convaincue de l’impact de ces facteurs sur :

  • le développement de l’attractivité de l’entreprise,
  • l’amélioration de la créativité,
  • la motivation professionnelle,
  • la fidélisation des salariés.

En l’espace de 25 ans, La Normandise est devenu un acteur économique incontournable et doit cette réussite en grande partie à sa volonté constante d’amélioration de la qualité de vie au travail.

Our partners

Diversity is an asset and an important factor in the company’s performance. La Normandise is particularly aware of the difficulties surrounding professional integration, and is constantly searching for new public or private partners. The company is committed to apply the principles of non-discrimination and of the diversity in the human resources management for all employees, both temporary and permanent.

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Our job opportunities

The integration and development of new skills are the major features of our human resources policy. La Normandise recruits people from various backgrounds and of all skill levels: operations, business, engineering, etc.  A leading player in animal nutrition, La Normandise offers you career opportunities: Join us!


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Our internships and alternations

La Normandise attaches particular importance to the training of young people.  This is why interns are an integral part of its human resource strategy. They are convinced that they represent potential future colleagues, or even future partners. 

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