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NORMANDISE Pet Food is a manufacturing and packaging plant specialising in the production of bespoke wet food products for dogs and cats. As well as our own brands, we offer a wide range of recipes and textures to suit the tastes, expectations and needs of prospective clients, distributors and others.

Our brands

Among our own brands, NORMANDISE Pet Food has a wide variety of products to boost the health and wellbeing of dogs and cats:

  • EQUILIBRE & INSTINCT, premium foods of high nutritional quality.
  • Les Repas Plaisir, delicious and varied gourmet recipes that provide a complete and balanced meal.


Whether you prefer to market one of our existing recipes under your own brand, or want our advice and support to create your own pet food, we offer a wide choice of products and textures to suit your tastes, expectations and needs.

Effilés NORMANDISE Pet Food


Our fillets recipes provide dogs and cats with a protein-rich diet for high levels of energy. Because these recipes contain relatively little fat, they are also low-calorie.

The meat-like texture suits pets’ carnivorous tendencies. Our fillets recipes come in a sauce or jelly, providing a healthy meal and plenty of moisture for hydration.


Our chunks recipes contain small pieces of meat that are easy to get hold of. This makes them particularly suitable for cats, who don’t tend to enjoy getting their lower jaw dirty.

Alongside their clever shape and nutritional qualities, our chunks recipes contribute to pets’ hydration.

Emincés NORMANDISE Pet Food
Mousses NORMANDISE Pet Food


Available in pouches or trays, our mousses are recommended for animals in particular physiological states.

Their light texture is easy to chew, so ideal for kittens and older cats with teeth or gum problems. Because our mousses do not contain any pieces, they are easy to digest and contribute to animal health.


Terrines are typically a food good for both body and mind, and ours come in trays. For dogs who eat dry food, they provide an extra dose of freshness thanks to the moisture they contain.

Dogs and cats also benefit from the vitamins in our terrines due to the different nourishing vegetables in the ingredients. Our terrines provide a balanced meal with plenty of pieces.

Terrines NORMANDISE Pet Food


NORMANDISE Pet Food products are packaged in pouches or trays, then wrapped individually or in packs for sale.

Alu trays

Our trays come in 85g, 100g, 150g and 300g sizes and are suitable for dog and cat food. The tray and cover are both fully recyclable.

Our trays hold complete foods in the form of mousses or pates and are packed with moisture, so help to improve a pet’s daily hydration. The foods in our trays contain plenty of pieces and do not receive much processing.

Barquettes NORMANDISE Pet Food
Pochons NORMANDISE Pet Food


Pouches are a user-friendly option that enables owners to decide exactly how much food to give their cat each day.

Our pouches hold a complete or complementary food and come in 70g, 80g, 85g, 90g and 100g sizes. Because they contain plenty of moisture, they cover a significant share of a pet’s water requirements.