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Our dual expertise

As an expert in animal nutrition and dietetics, NORMANDISE Pet Food partners with industry, using its unique expertise and industrial engineering setup to benefit companies in the dog and cat food market. We can offer support with everything from recipe design to production and logistics, thanks to our cutting-edge facilities.



Throughout your project, our R&D teams will be there to provide their veterinary knowledge and expertise in animal nutrition and dietetics.

Our marketing teams will advise you on market trends and insights, as well as all the regulatory factors you need to keep in mind.


Our R&D team will carefully consider your needs and specifications, and partner with production teams to create a tailored recipe to meet your expectations.

A catalogue of over 600 existing recipes across a dozen ranges is also available.

Our proactive R&D teams are constantly thinking about new needs and adjustments to adapt to market changes and client requests.



To optimise our production processes and keep on improving, our engineers are always working on product development. Our approach to development focuses on packaging, durability (lifecycle) and carbon footprint.

Work is also done to adapt specific and very specific products for France and for export so they become organic, ruminant-free, etc.


Innovations and client satisfaction are at the heart of what we do. Demonstrating our twin veterinary and industrial expertise, our staff work attentively and creatively to continuously adapt to new requirements, creating new recipes to boost dogs’ and cats’ health, and developing efficient production methods and processes.



Our fully automated factory operates 24/7 360 days a year. It boasts cutting-edge equipment that reflects our desire to keep developing and investing in innovative technologies. Combining top technology and performance across over 70 different job types, our company received the Vitrine Industrie du Futur (Industry of the Future Showcase) label in 2020. This is recognised in France and abroad.

Quality / certifications

Since NORMANDISE Pet Food was founded, it has committed to producing safe, high-quality products that are mindful of the environment and promote a healthy balanced diet for pets. We have chosen to impose the highest quality and safety standards on our own production. In fact, they are the same as those used for human food.

Our main certifications

IFS Food

Food product quality and safety management. Food safety guarantee (Food Defense). Food production quality guarantee.

AFAQ ISO 50001
AFAQ ISO 50001

Efficient energy management. Climate impact reduction. Resource preservation.

sigle de la certification afaq iso 14001 environnement
AFAQ ISO 14001

Environmental management system. Environmental impact measures and improvement.

AB Agriculture Biologique
Agriculture Biologique

Raw materials guaranteed to be organically farmed. Respect for the environment. Respect for biodiversity.

Pêche Durable MSC
MSC sustainable fishing

Reasonable and sustainable fishing guarantee. Product traceability. Responsible consumption.

Aquaculture durable ASC
ASC sustainable aquaculture

Environmentally and socially responsible fish farming. Clear traceability.


HACCP certification. Preventing risks associated with food production.

Photo de transpalette devant des étagères de stocks


NORMANDISE Pet Food supports clients with order processing and distribution through a range of services: picking, palletising, packing, shipping, collections, etc.