La Normandise is underpinned by competent and multidisciplinary teams which cover a wide range of professions: manufacturing, purchases, supply, logistics, sales and marketing, maintenance, quality control, research and development, and also the cross-departmental skills of management, management and administration, human resources and IT.

La Normandise attaches great importance to the fulfilment and well-being of its staff, and considers professional training as an important factor. The company also trains job seekers with the support of the Normandie region under the scheme « a training course, a job ».

The firm works with ESAT (French Support and Work Assistance Establishment), which has enabled the company to count 60 handicapped workers among its staff. Moreover, La Normandise has established an ethical charter whereby it is committed to making progress on men and women equality. It has also planned studies on difficult working conditions and studies on JHAs (Job Hazard Analysis). Finally, La Normandise supports multi-company day-care solutions, with the attribution of 4 full time day-care places for employee’s children.